Welcome To The BCC!


In the vibrant streets of the Bronx, a powerful movement has been taking shape for generations.

The visionaries behind The Bronx Cannabis Company® view this moment in history as an opportunity to blend fashion, culture, and cannabis advocacy in a unique way. Their mission is to create a clothing and merchandise brand that would not only inspire style but also promote cannabis education and empowerment.

Founded by cannabis medical patients and long-time Bronx residents in 2021, The Bronx Cannabis Company® looks to resonate with people who express a great passion and care for the cannabis industry in mind. We cater to individuals, who are enthusiastic about the power of two things: fashion as a means of self-expression and cannabis transforming lives.

The BCC believes that clothing and merchandise can be a platform for spreading awareness and breaking down stereotypes associated with cannabis. We have a deep understanding of our community's needs, when we set out to design a line of apparel that seeks to capture the spirit of the Bronx and the essence of cannabis culture. Using a fashion-forward approach paired with keen diligence, and quality control, we know our merchandise can aid vehicles of social change.

The BCC knows the plant’s potential to heal, uplift, and promote a sense of well-being. At the core of our mission as a company is to destigmatize cannabis, educate our neighbors, and provide high-quality products for both adult-use and medicinal purposes.

In the truest spirit of the borough, The Bronx Cannabis Company® is dead set and extremely dedicated to change perceptions and break down barriers. We will continue to engage Bronxites over concerns, host educational workshops, and collaborate with healthcare professionals to emphasize the potential benefits of cannabis when used responsibly and mindfully.

The Bronx Cannabis Company® became known for its commitment to inclusivity and social justice. They actively supported organizations working to rectify the injustices of the War on Drugs, advocating for fair policies and expungement of nonviolent cannabis-related convictions.

We are beyond fashion.

We are not only hear for the fashion enthusiasts, cannabis connoisseurs, and advocates.

We are here for the everyday person.

Over time, The Bronx Cannabis Company® will expand its reach beyond the storefront.

We are aiming to be an online platform where customers can access educational resources, connect with experts, and order products for delivery. This goes way beyond e-commerce for us; it is all about empowering individuals to take control of their well-being and fostering a sense of unity within the community.

As The BCC thrives, we know our impact will reach far beyond the borough. We hope our approach to cannabis entrepreneurship can become a model, or beacon, for other communities, inspiring similar ventures that aim to promote responsible consumption, education, and social justice.